Real time video (In Hindi) of wife misusing 498A along with two daughters

Wife wants to kick husband out from his home and capture his property. She is misusing women friendly laws in India. She is doing drama as if her husband is assaulting her. She wants to file criminal case against husband so that he is arrested and she enjoys his home with her lover. In fact she was able to file a case of attempt to murder against her husband and husband was under lockup. As of updating this blog on 15th Mar 2013 husband is still struggling to come back home

I write this blog on behalf of my close friend. I will be impersonating him and will be using the word “I” instead of “him” henceforth. I like to tell my experience of encounter with so called draconian Indian law 498A. Today the teeth of 498A are somehow made blunt. Yet it can be misused along with other gender biased laws. Usage of 498A along with other laws becomes deadly as in my case

I am an Indian businessman by profession. I have my entire setup in Kolkata. My wife used this law against me. I believe she wanted to take revenge of our unsuccessful marriage life, harass and teach me a lesson and above all extract money from me. She filed around 7 different criminal cases including 498A which are at present different stages of hearing.

I am sure she will not be successful in her purpose. Of course I am harassed to a great extent but have come up with a more confident and stronger person. Nevertheless she has done more harm to herself. In no way anybody will risk marrying her in her age of 46 yrs. Furthermore the marriage of our adult daughters are at risk. My daughters favored their mother unconditionally. In fact they were the persons who troubled me most. I was alert from my wife but was caught unaware by my daughters. My story will explain if a man has patience then 498A will back fire on wife. A man needs to have proper finance to support him. After all this law was manufactured to extort money by lawyers, police, judiciary, ministers, doctors and middlemen. My relatives had cornered from me. It was the internal strength, presence of mind, courage, own finance and physical stability which gave me fuel to carry forward

As of writing this blog my fate is not ascertained but I am optimistic. Believe me I got help from complete outsiders. I fought with ministers, police, top brass people, mafia dons, judiciary and above all my own family. My own family consisting of my wife and children are my biggest enemy. My story is not a vanilla case of 498A. This law was just the start of beginning. It gave the initial inertia and power to my wife who later on used everything possible against me

My message to the fellow fighters is don’t panic from 498A. This troubles as long as bail is not granted. I escaped arrest in 498A but was arrested after 7 months getting trapped in section 307 (attempt to murder)

My story at a glance


In my life 498A did not come suddenly. Proper ground was made beforehand. I was married in 1988 to a girl of an extra ordinary rich confectionary family. I had deep love and affection for my wife and we were considered most envied couple. My in laws were 1000 times richer than me. It was not a love marriage. My wife had always complained for money and I used to spend beyond my limits. Over the years I accumulated some assets and properties

Perhaps I was the only person in India whose 498A was instituted after 23 years of marriage having two major daughters and one minor son. In my case the bitch did not leave the home. She stayed over there with children and forced me to stay outside. Strangely the children assisted their mother in kicking me out from home

My wife was sister of a noted criminal and don Mr. Y. This Y was owner of a big confectionery business and he tried to kill a tea vendor and for that he was convicted to life imprisonment from lower court. He appealed in high court and got bail from Supreme Court. He stayed in jail for several months and had developed links with noted criminals. He fruitfully used his criminal links in his real estate business

At relevant time the ministry had changed from long span of communism in West Bengal. There were under talks that the new government was favoring the minority caste. A person X from minority caste had good source with a powerful minister of same caste. This X had developed extra marital affair with my wife. He was an acquaintance of Mr. Y and Mr. Y approved this extra marital affair due to his vested interests. Mr. X and my wife wanted to live together but at the same time wanted to enjoy my money, property and business. The society and law did not permit that

They jointly made a plan to solve the matter in legal way. My two daughters were part of the plan since they had grudges against me over last few years. Everybody wanted my hard earned money and assets immediately to enjoy but I was the only obstacle

The steps for the plan were:

Step 1: A formal training was to be given to my wife and children as to how to act in order to show to neighbors that I was physically assaulting and torturing them. They were taught how to behave before police and how to do act of crying

Step 2: Lodge 498A case against me and my mother in connivance with police for physical and mental torture. Ensure lock up for the duo. There was nobody significant in my family who would come forward to rescue me. If anybody would try pin him down

Step 3: Torture me in lockup and get my money, property and businesses transferred to my wife and children. Ensure that I would not come out from jail for at least three months. They had enough sources in police and judiciary to achieve that due to political power of Mr. X and money power of Mr. Y

Step 4: If at all I got bails from court and come back home trap me again in several false criminal cases and hand over to police. In lack of money and assistance I would collapse and bend before them

Step 5: After getting my all assets take a formal forceful divorce from me and my wife would lead a happy peaceful life with Mr. X. My children would be made happy from my money

They tried to execute the above plan but everything did not go as anticipated

May 2012

On pretty household issues my wife and daughter started a quarrel with me and started acting as they were taught to behave as if I was physically assaulting them. Immediately my residence was surrounded by over 100 criminals and I was handed over to police. A proposal was given to me to transfer my all assets in name of my wife and children otherwise I would face 498A. Whole night the drama went on and in morning they post ponded the idea of 498A on intervention of my one brother in law who was not part of the plan. That person was perhaps the rescuer for me. I stopped staying in my home due to fear of 498A and police arrest. I read in blogs that once a threat for 498A was given it was sure to come sooner or later. If you were at the same place with your wife there would be high chance of getting you caught. Once caught the release path would be painful

July 2012

They lodged a false case for breakage and physical assault. Immediately a day after they lodged 498A. I went underground in hiding and tried for anticipatory bail

Sep 2012

I got anticipatory bail in 498A. They lodged another case for cheating and forgery. I again went underground to escape arrest

 Nov 2012

I got anticipatory bail in forgery and cheating case and came home to stay. She did acting of self-beating to file yet another criminal case. That act was luckily video recorded on mobile phone and was uploaded to youtube.com.

I again tried to enter and stay in my residence but they did the same acting as before and assaulted me. This time they were successful in filing yet another case for breakage and physical assault. I got bail the next day

Feb 2013

I again tried to come and stay at home. They locked me in my own home and handed over to police. They instituted a false case for attempt to murder (section 307). I was in lockup for two days

Details of all the above incidents are given in a separate page

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  1. What’s up to all, the contents existing at this web site are actually amazing for people knowledge, well, keep up the nice work fellows.

    • Syed
    • August 5th, 2013

    Dont worry brother some day God will punish them.Its good that you re staying away from them .Be careful.

    • Krantiveer
    • October 28th, 2013

    Be bold brother and be safe… Do not be afraid of 498a … teach your wife a proper lesson. Video recording was a courageous thing you did. i pray to God to give you enough strength and courage to fight the false cases.

    • subramanian
    • November 24th, 2013

    It shows nothing but our future life in india

    • Sam
    • December 24th, 2013

    I am sorry but are you insane….can’t you see, you own family is your biggest enemy ? You didn’t do mistake once of staying back with them in fact u have done the same mistake repeatedly.
    Why didn’t u filled a case of cheating against your wife when u were so sure about her relations with X ?

    • Blog author
    • December 25th, 2013

    Sam, Filing counter cases is not remedy. Administration is on side of women. Don’t have a proof of wife’s relations with X. This case will not establish. Cheating case does not lie over here

  2. what an insane women. God save man from crazy freaking woman~

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